Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 Years Young!!!

I want to forever remember what I looked like on my 30th Birthday! Who knew I would be so happy to be 25+ lbs overweight on this birthday! I think I would have been a bit depressed hitting this age milestone if it wasn't for my sweet baby girl! I know that things are only going to continue to get better and better! I'm 37 weeks today!!! I'm going to be having a belated b-day present in just a few weeks!!! I can't wait to meet her! My 20s were so eventful and great!!! But I'm excited to embark on the adventures of my 30s. I am content to be the age that I am.

Another Tiger Season!!!

We just began soccer season #4 for AJ 2 weeks ago! I am amazed at the progress he has made! The first season, he was more of a spectator than a player. I think he was a little overwhelmed and wanted no part of playing. But he enjoyed watching his buds play. I almost didn't put him back in soccer the next season. But I'm so glad I did! He discovered how much fun it was to be out on the field with his teammates. He wanted to play around with the other kids more than he wanted contact with the ball, but he did score a goal!!! Season 3 he became a little more interested in playing but would get offended when other kids would take the ball from him. Now, he actually has much better control of the ball; and although genetically coordination is not a strength for our family, his coordination is really getting better. He's doing great at dribbling the ball down the field. AND he gets so excited to go to the games and practices! I am so proud of my big boy! Poor Ethan wants to play sooo bad but he won't be old enough until NEXT fall. The pictures above are of last Saturday. The YMCA's hardcore, they didn't cancel the game even though it was raining! The kids didn't seem to mind though. They were able to run around, get muddy, and were drenched from head to toe! It was great!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Funnest Summer!!!

We had the BEST summer. BUSY but SO FUN! This Summer, James stayed busy with two classes and working at a law firm as an intern. I continued to work 24 hrs/week along with hanging with my two little men, spending tons of time at the pool. Anytime we had a break, we tried to make it out to the lake. We usually go to Lake Arcadia, just because it's a short 15 minutes away. BUT it gets a little have to pay and it's a tiny lake. We were ready to explore other lakes. We decided to try out a new lake every weekend I wasn't working. Along with many trips to Arcadia, we went to Lake Murray, Tenkiller, Skiatook, Thunderbird, and...another lake near Tulsa (I can't think of the name of it). It was so fun exploring new parts of the state and different lakes. I am so impressed with how go-with-the-flow Aidan & Ethan were. They are at the BEST ages. We can actually add a bit of spontaneity back to our lives (like pre-parenthood life) because they are at such easy going ages. We can just pick up and go! That lifestyle will change when Baby Girl comes :) Pack the bag, bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes, baby carriers, strollers, etc etc etc. But at least we had a nice carefree summer before we enter baby land again. Here's a few Lake Arcadia pics of the boys doing what they do best.


Lake Murray

My favorite lake this summer! I LOVED going to Lake Murray. We actually decided last minute one Saturday to make a day trip down to Murray. I'm so glad we did!!! It was HOT (+100degrees) but the water was PERFECT (not too hot, cold enough to keep us cool). The boys had so much fun and the water was sooooooo clear! I loved the sandy beaches. We spent a lot of time building sand castles, collecting seashells, and doing cannonballs off the end of the boat. I definitely recommend this lake.

I love this pic of the boys!!!
This was AFTER our day at the lake. They still look happy!

The boys (mostly Ethan) LOVED to play the game "Push Daddy in the water". Anytime we anchored the boat, the boys would automatically look for a parent to push into the water. The game never got old (at least, not for them!).
Having my 2 year old swim in the lake made me really really nervous. But we were constantly with him. And he really turned into a great swimmer (with the life jacket).
One of the many beaches we visited. EE is scoping out the seashells.
Check out that cannonball!!!

Did I mention the soft, sandy beaches?
There were tons of house boats, if that tells you what an awesome lake it is.
I was so amazed at the clarity of the water.
Makes swimming in a dirty, bacteria-filled lake not seem so disgusting!
Gotta love boat naps! They slept so well!


The Fourth of July, the Stuart clan went to Lake Tenkiller. The Larsen's were kind enough to lend us their lake house for the weekend. I was only able to go up Thursday night, stay Friday then leave Friday night. I had to work on the 4th. :( But everyone had a great time. It was so nice having a lake house to take breaks in between trips out to the lake. I've never been to Lake Tenkiller, it was clean and big! It didn't seem that crowded even though there were tons of people there. It was a blast!

Look at those sweet feet!!! (Kodie & Ethan)
AJ tried tubing out with Aunt Hillary. He now knows the symbols for tubing (thumb up for "faster", thumb down for "slower", hand out for "STOP").

Daredevil Ethan jumping in the lake.
I swear, that boy gives his mom a heart attack every time he jumps carefree into the water.
Already following in Dad's footsteps. James' fav part of going out on the lake is driving the boat. AJ could control the boat pretty well, after some instructions from Dad.
Gotta keep that sunscreen on!!!Soon-to-be parents enjoying family time.Cute cousins!!

I'm so glad Gwen and Alex could come out with us!
They went back home with me after 1 day, I wish we could've stayed longer!
Who's that sexy blonde?!
Everyone had a great time! THANK YOU Larsens!