Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aidan's Soccer Game is here!

Aidan would be great at yoga...He's awfully good at "child's pose".
James & I have been so excited about Aidan playing soccer. To be honest, I think my enthusiasm is a bit more extreme than my husband's. As always, I had to work, so Hillary & James accompanied Aidan to this memorable event. Just as all have said, "don't get your hopes up. He is only 3." It is the truth. He did not even make it through the YMCA pledge before dropping to the ground in protest. And then there was the game...Strangers all around cheering on their children, seven other children running in circles all toward the same ball, and coaches yelling for the kids to "kick the ball!" "run that way". No wonder AJ was confused and not thinking it was fun at all. Hopefully, it will get better with time. Maybe next game he'll at least make it through the pledge.

1st Soccer Practice

AJ's finally old enough to play sports....I'm serious, 3 year olds CAN play soccer at the YMCA. Aidan has always loved being outside and kicking balls. But as an organized sport? Is there enough patience within a team of 3 year olds for it to be successful? My main goal for Aidan's 3 yr old soccer experience is for him to have fun, spend time with friends, and maybe learn a little about teamwork. Though I may feel my expectations are a bit low, I think I still may be asking a bit much. He's still young. I really just want him to have fun.

Aidan's 3rd Birthday!!!

Aidan has been our little cowboy since he could say "horsey". He loves cowboy boots and his hat. He was a cowboy for Halloween (Ethan was a cow) and he even got spurs for Christmas. So we had to have a cowboy birthday party. "PapaDad" saddled up the horses, Grams threw some burgers on the grill and we had a grand ol' time! We were really lucky b/c the weather was warm (just before another random snow storm) for horseback riding. I was impressed how well Aidan's friends enjoyed riding the horses. It seems like yesterday that AJ was a little 6 pound 8 oz newborn and now he's a 3 year old big brother. It's crazy how fast they grow.