Sunday, October 25, 2009

I "heart" Mylie Cyrus

So James went to Tulsa this weekend to sell an old project car and he met up with a few of his buddies. When he wasn't paying attention, they left a little present on the front of his truck. He didn't notice it until the next day.
How did they know that he loves Mylie?!?!
I think it looks great on the front of a F250 diesel! I'm hoping we can keep it!
It's been almost 4 weeks since the new addition to our family and...
the boys are still in love with her!

Melt my heart

Here are a few videos of my sweet middle child singin' away!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Baby Story

Pre-delivery pic
I worked a 12 hour shift on Wednesday. I felt pretty good, but could definitely tell that this would be my last shift to work pregnant. The last few hours of work, I was contracting every 1-2 minutes; this was nothing different than a usual work day (I contract every evening after work). But I was very very uncomfortable. I had someone at work check me and I was 5 cm (I had been 3cm the day before at the Dr's office). Later that night, the contractions were getting stronger and I could not get comfortable. I called my doctor and told him what had been occurring. He told me to head to the hospital, get my epidural, he'd break my water and we'd have a baby! Simple enough!
That's pretty much what happened. We got to the hospital at 10pm. I got my epidural at 11:30ish, my doctor broke my water at 12:30, and 1 1/2 hrs later, I was holding my baby in my arms! It was such an easy labor! I think it was well deserved considering the fact that I had painfully contracted from 22wks on.
It was love at first sight for James. Right before she was born he said that his dad was now handing her off to us for us to take care of her. I know that she has a personal relationship with her "Papa Dad". And now we have the chance to get to know her!

She was such an angel from the beginning. Her initial cry was so feminine and beautiful! She loved being held by her Gramms (who could quiet her down very easily).

The boys came to meet her the next day. Aidan wanted to hold her the whole time they were at the hospital. Ethan gave her a love pat, then his attention was directed to the dinosaur coloring book "Baby Sister" got for him.

She has quite a bit of black hair, just as Aidan did.
I don't want to speak too soon, but I think she scored and got Daddy's long thick eyelashes (keep our fingers crossed).

Here's her with our sweet doctor. He has delivered all 3 of our kiddos!

We didn't get discharged until after 9pm! I had a cute homecoming outfit for her, but at that point, I didn't care anymore! I just wanted to get home.

We put her in her crib in her room from the beginning. I think she actually likes it! When she does sleep, she sleeps very soundly in her bed.
I am so excited that James now has a daughter. I remember over a year ago (when we thought that weren't even close to being ready to have another child), he said that he heard a song on the radio and had a brief "lightbulb" moment. It was the Carrie Underwood song "All-American Girl". The end of the song, she asks her hubby if he wants a boy or a girl and he says he wants a girl of course, someone who is just like her. James said that he would love to have a "Little Allie" running around. That was the first time he ever said he wanted to have a daughter!

Meant to be siblings.
My two boys continue to pleasantly surprise me. They have been saying that they are excited to meet "Baby Sister". But I have been skeptical. Would they genuinely be excited about her arrival? Would Ethan still feel loved although he is not the baby anymore? Could I continue to show my love for each of them though my time is being stretched even thinner? My boys are so in love with their sister. Aidan wants to hold her ALL THE TIME. We got home from the hospital on Friday night after the boys were in bed. So, the next morning, they were surprised to see that baby sister was already home. Aidan came right up to her and asked if he could hold her. Every morning, before he says "good morning" he asks "can I hold baby sister?" He even informs me that he has washed his hands and is ready to hold Avery. I noticed today on 2 different occasions that I would give a fussy Avery to Aidan to hold and right away she would relax and stop fussing. Something about being in her big brother's arms would comfort her.

Ethan also loves her, but needs a little bit of time to adjust.
It's been a bit rough for him but he does better each day.
Today he even asked if he could hold her, which was major progress!
We are all so excited that she is here!

Our beautiful princess

We'd like to welcome the sweet new addition to our family:
Avery Kate
October 1, 2009 2:12am
8 lbs 14 oz.
19 1/4 in.