Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Runnin' with Santa

High-five, Santa!

Saturday, Dec. 10th, we were fortunate to be able to spend the morning with Santa! Let me tell you, Santa has slimmed down! But I guess it's hard not to shed extra pounds when you're training for a 1 mile fun run! This was Chesapeake's 1st Annual Santa Run. Of course, we jumped right on board! It was a frigid morning, but nothing a little bundling and hot chocolate wouldn't cure. The kids each got their very own Santa hat and had an amazing time running with Mr. Clause.
Ethan is at such a fun age. He ran right up to Santa and gave him a huge hug! He was so excited to see him. Ethan was the first to notice Santa's vanishing cookie belly. He leaned over to James when we first got there and said, "Where did Santa's belly go?" Don't worry, E, I'm sure he has many a cookie to eat come Christmas Eve.

Here's AJ leading the pack of runners, yes he has left everyone in the dust. It may be a fun run to all of the other kids, but to this competitor, it's a race! Not quite sure who he gets that from :)

Ethan and I had so much fun running together. He even got to take a piggyback lap which was a great leg workout for me. He was such a great sport and never complained about being cold. This is definitely a fun, active, wonderful tradition that we were able to be a part of.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Trot 2011

So, after a year and a half of ignoring this blog, I thought I'd make a New Year's resolution to start updating it. Because, let's face it, I'm not scrapbooking and need to somehow keep up on documenting our family fun. So I thought I'd start early.
Turkey Trot 2011!!!
AJ had such a great time at his 2nd Annual Turkey Trot at Russell Dougherty Elementary School today. It was a windy morning but the kids braved through the chilliness and had a great time!

Aidan got to ride the bus to the Children's Safety Village for the Turkey Trot.
This is a rare treat since our school doesn't have a bus system.

Warming up

And he's off!
So focused!
Celebratory beverage
Celebratory hug from his favorite brother.