Sunday, February 28, 2010


5 things I love about you:
Your heart You are concerned when others are sad. You LOVE your baby sister with all the love you have in your heart. I love the way you have to touch her hand whenever your walk/run by her. You sing her songs and continuously talk to her throughout the day. Although you think you are too old & embarrassed to kiss your mom, you will give Avery a kiss in a millisecond. Although you may not show it as much, you sure love your play buddy bro, Ethan too. If he is not around, you want to know where he is and what he is doing.
Your Sincere Prayers First of all, you and Ethan will fight over who can say the prayer. If it is Ethan's turn, you say, "Mom, I can bless the breakfast tomorrow, right?" You try so hard to keep your eyes closed, you fold your arms every time and remind me to do the same. You thank Heavenly Father for our family. You ask Heavenly Father for so many wonderful things such as the happiness of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and siblings. Sometimes you even ask to bless your toys.
Your obedience (I'm hanging on to this one, I know it will waiver the older you get!)
Your Sunday School teacher informed me that you are reverent in class, raise your hand to answer questions, are the first to help her put the chalk away. I'm so proud of you for being respectful towards your teachers. Although you are occasionally defiant, for the most part you do whatever Mom & Dad ask you to do. You put your dinner plate in the sink, your shoes on the red rug before walking on the carpet, your coat on the closet hook.
In the end, You Don't Quit Two years ago, you started playing soccer. You did not enjoy the spotlight on yourself. You did not want to play! You refused to play! But you didn't quit. Each season we would ask if you wanted to play, and you said yes. Begrudgingly, we would again enroll you in soccer. Each season you did better and better! When playing basketball, you were discouraged about not making a basket each time you practiced shooting. But you didn't give up. You kept practicing and had a great basketball season! Enjoying yourself the more you played! You love to play sports with your buddies no matter who is watching. You can get up in front of your classmates at school for show and tell and you can conduct our Family Home Evening without nerves getting in the way. You are really coming out of your shell and growing up!
Your example Although you fight over toys and Dad's attention, you
teach your brother so much. You show him how to build train tracks, how to put things away, how to love broccoli, how to love sis, how to love reading and writing. He looks up to you and wants to do everything that you do.

I love you so much! You most definitely keep our life colorful. You have grown in so many ways this past year. You make me so happy, I love the sound of your laughter! We are so lucky to have you in our family for eternity!

Happy Birthday, AJ!!!