Monday, April 6, 2009

Even MORE Great News!!!

Our family has really had it rough lately! Talk about being kicked while we are down... BUT we are FINALLY having a few visible miracles and blessings headed in our direction. Not only do James and I have our great news, but JEFF AND JULIE ARE PREGNANT TOO!!! We are 3 weeks apart :). I think I was more excited about their news than I was my own (well, our first response about our news was utter SHOCK, excitement came later!). They are going to make the best parents. I am very very very very very happy for them! Congratulations guys!

New Addition

I thought we'd make it an "official" announcement. James & I are going to be welcoming a new little addition to the family in October! We are very excited now that we have had a bit of time for it to sink in! :) Aidan is convinced that it is a girl. I honestly can say that I don't care either way. A girl would be so much fun, then again I LOVE my boys and would love to have a third little man to add to the clan (plus the fact that we have clothes galore for a boy...). I am so excited!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Law School Widow's Field trips

So, I've been a law school widow the past couple of weeks until James finished his appellate brief. He has been living at the library until midnight every night. Monday, we decided to take dinner down to Daddy so that we could actually see him! We went to a local park and the boys played while James ate his dinner. It was wonderful seeing James, even if it was just for an hour. We decided to do it again on Wednesday night. We went out to eat at Pei Wei's this time. Aidan continued to tell us that he didn't like his chicken until it turned into ongoing whining. And after eating a few lo mein noodles, Ethan began to throw food and chopsticks on the floor. It was a bit of a disaster. No nice conversation with my hubby, just attempting to control our messy children. We must have amnesia when it comes to taking our kids to restaurants. It's a disaster about 90% of the time, we say that we are never doing it again, and then weeks or months later we unsuccessfully attempt it again.

Anyhow, on the way home from dinner that night, the boys had their windows down in the car. Aidan was playing with his Lightening McQueen car and it looked like he was tempted to toss it out the window. I gave him a warning, saying that I will roll up the window if he tried to throw his toy out the window. A few minutes later, I saw something fly out the window. I stopped the car, turned around and had a "little talk" with Aidan. The windows were rolled up and we silently drove home. Then I heard Ethan saying something under his breath. Aidan said, "Be quiet, Ethan!" I listened even harder to hear Ethan saying, "Aidan... time out... Aidan."!!!!! I was dying! I can just hear my brother and sister when we were younger saying to me, "You're in troooubblleee! I'm telling Moooom!" And now here was my two year old egging his older bro on! I was rolling!

Ethan Edward is 2!!!!!!!!!!

It makes me sad that time goes by so fast! My little baby is TWO!!!! Ethan definitely has style. He came into the world in full force. Just hours after I taught the Sunbeam (Sunday school for 3-4 yr olds) class at church, he was born! The labor was three hours total. You were a pretty laid back baby. You were so curious about your big bro. Even from the beginning, Ethan & Aidan have been best of friends. Ethan has always looked up to brother and loves having a built-in buddy.
Aidan never showed signs of jealousy, he loved Ethan unconditionally from the beginning.
6 weeks old
3 months old
First Birthday

What a handsome two-year old!!!
Ethan loves to play with the big boys. He knows all of his brother's friends' names! He is such a big talker and is always singing his favorite songs (Happy birthday, Once there was a Snowman, ABC's), he loves to play in the sand and jump on the trampoline, his favorite thing in the entire world (besides his mom :p) is BALLS, he can to count to 10 in order, and he loves his crib (I don't know if we can ever permanently get him in a big boy bed!). He says the sweetest prayers and loves his family so much. Again, I cannot believe Heavenly Father has entrusted me with such an amazing little spirit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EE!