Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This message will self destruct...

AJ has told me since last summer, "I want a SPY birthday party!!!". I had no idea what that meant and just hoped he'd change his mind by the time February rolled around. Well, he did not forgot so I started researching. And this is what we came up with:

Running cones
Jumping over chairs
Don't touch the laser beams or you'll activate the alarm (ring the bells)!

Shoot the target.

Detonate the bombs!
The Secret Agents in Training had a bomb (balloon) tied around their ankle.
They must detonate each other's bombs until the last man was standing.

Training Complete!!!
After their hard training, they were officially Secret Agents!
They each had their very own badge with their own thumbprint and a codename.

Happy Birthday, Agent Aidan!!!

Aidan isn't a big fan of sweets.
He doesn't like cake, only likes ice cream when he feels like it,
but LOVES cookies. He requests a cookie cake every year.
Gotta refuel before the mission.
One of our February Stuart birthday boys, Jeff and his two kids, Sydney & Noah!
Cousin Sydney!
It's impressive that she was able to get frosting in her eyelashes.

Secret Mission
We split the kids up into two teams. We had half wearing black lanyards (the Black team), the other half in red lanyards (Red team). Their first note read:
Congratulations on completing your Secret Agent training.
It is now time to put your training to the test.
You are now a part of the Red team (or black).
Work as a team to decipher clues to complete the mission.
There is a BOMB in the building!

Red team's mission: Locate the bomb before it blows up the building!
Black team's mission: Follow the clues to determine how to defuse the bomb.
Each of you is an important part of this team.
You MUST work together or you will FAIL this mission. Good luck.

They had 4 clues. They were the same for each team but in different order.
Clue#1: "The secret password to enter was a clue to help you think,
this is a place where you get a drink."
(the password was "Waterfall", so it led them to a water
fountain to find their next clue)
Clue #2: "I am black and white and have lots of keys,
to find your next clue you must crawl under laser beams"
(then I had a code in wingdings that they had to decipher, it said "classroom with piano". So they had to find a classroom that had a piano and it had the red yard laser beams with bells. Everyone had to crawl under the laser beams to get to the piano where the clue was sitting)
Clue #3: was a code they had to decipher that said "Pop goes the weasel", then the adult working with the team asked them if they knew what a weasel looked like and that they had to find the classroom with a picture of a weasel on the door to find their next clue.
Clue #4: The Weasel room was full of black balloons with clues inside each. They had to pop all the balloons, find the clues, put them together (they were numbered), and it read:
"You've made it this far, you are close to the end.
to find the bomb you must go to the GYM"
("GYM" was in a code so they had to decipher it)

So this leads them back to the gym. The red team's clue in the gym was:
"Your mission is here, the final clue will tell
how to deactivate the bomb so that all is well.
Take turns with the guns, knock all the cups down
Then look inside the cups so the clue can be found
Once BLACK team finds the bomb you must step up to the plate
And do your part so the bomb doesn't detonate."

Black team's clue:
"Find the bomb, it's up to you
Shoot all the cups to get your clue.
Knock all of them down before looking inside
Piece the clue together to find where the bomb hides"

Then the kids worked together to find the bomb. It worked out so great! One team found the bomb and the other team was able to deactivate the bomb by cutting a certain wire.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!Here's our Secret Agents!
We gave our secret agents CDs with spy music (Mission impossible theme, James Bond, etc.). Aidan had such a FUN time!!! Worth all the effort!!!


Woohoo! Now I have two boys that play bball!!! Ethan's not totally into basketball like his big bro but he's pretty good at it and loves game days. Plus he got to play on a team with a ll of his boy soccer buddies. They had so much fun that I think they forgot they were supposed to be playing basketball at times. There were lots of ninja moves and silly talk going on. Luckily they had a patient coach who did such a great job teaching fundamentals.

Check out my green wristband.
What a flirt!!! Can you get any closer?? At one point, E and this little girl were standing like this and the rest of the kids were running down the court to the hoop. They didn't move! Totally Ethan! Totally Social! This may be a bad thing. Hopefully girls will start having cooties at some point soon.Super fun first season. Go Lightning!


AJ loves basketball! As soon as he comes home, he puts his bag down and heads out the back door to shoot hoops. We had a great bball season with Coach Dustin and the rest of the "Durantulas". Our team did awesome! Aidan has grown so much. He used to get so frustrated when he missed a shot or when an opponent shot while he was defending. But this season, he took everything with a grain of salt. If he missed, he just rebounded and tried again. If someone scored on him, he would try harder next time. I'm so proud of him for his hard work and resilience. I hope that carries over in every other aspect of his life. And I couldn't be happier that he loves basketball since it's by far my favorite team sport. For our end of the season party, we headed to Kang's in OKC and had an awesome dinner and awards party! After dinner, the whole team got to go to the Thunder game vs. Hornets.
What a great way to cap off a fun season!See what I mean about the fascination with bunny ears? haha.
Chopsticks are the new nunchucks.Aidan was so proud of his trophy and was awarded an Almond Joy
because he always has a smile on his face and is a "joy" to be around.