Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lil' Fish

That smile explains it all. Aidan loves being in the pool. He has done really well with his swim lessons (especially compared to soccer). He's the youngest in his class, but he keeps up pretty well. His last lesson is the Thursday. He'll be sad for them to end, but the neighborhood pool opens this weekend, woo-hoo! We'll be doing a lot of swimming this summer for sure.
Kick those feet!
Splash! Splash! Splash! He kept his chin in the water, like he was told, with no fear.
I think his teacher had a crush on him.

More Swim Lesson Pics

Aidan jumping in the pool.

Each time he goes under water, he comes up with a huge smile on his face!
Water baby.

Gorgeous Oklahoma lake water

This weekend was sooooo nice! I love it that it's getting warm now. So, my boat is supposed to be sitting on a street corner with a "For Sale" sign in the window to get us ready for law school, but we just couldn't resist taking it out to Lake Arcadia on Saturday. In fact, it's not even up for sale yet (what are we doing??!!). Even though the water was ice cold (and disgustingly brown), we loved riding around on the boat and James loves to be the captain of the ship, so to speak. I'm so glad Gwen (& Alex, not pictured) could come with us! Gwen was the brave one who got in the ice cold H2O. Way to show us wusses how to do it girl! Alex, Jeff, and Julie were conveniently not dressed to get in the water. But I soon had to take the plunge because Aidan was practically jumping in to Gwen and she needed a bit of help. I know, I'm sure many would not be caught dead swimming in water that looks like that, but I just tried not to think about it. After I got in the water, Ethan was crying real tears because he too NEEDED to get in the water. As soon as Julie lowered him down to me, he went from crying to laughing in no time flat. He loves water no matter the temperature (or the cleanliness). James tried to talk me into wakeboarding, but I was so cold that I didn't think I could hold on to the rope while shivering. I guess I am getting old.
Look at those blue skies, oh my goodness it was such a perfect day!
(The water doesn't look so bad in this pic either.)

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Julie
Ethan just had to take over the wheel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Perfect Family Sunday

Papa Dad loves taking the grandkids on a four-wheeler ride. That's Kody in the middle, she's Aidan & Ethan's future cousin (Scott and Stacy's wedding day is in less than a month!).
Here they are tooting their horns.
I love Sundays. They do seem hectic with getting the kids ready and not being able to hear a majority of the sacrament talks because our kids are so distracting, but at the same time I really enjoy the fact that we can partake of the sacrament each week and feel the spirit. I especially love Sundays because we get to spend time with our extended family. After this past Sunday, I've been reminiscing about how wonderful it is for James and I to live near both of our families. Our children have both sets of grandparents within 20 minutes of each other that they can see at the drop of a hat. Every Sunday, after church, we get together with either Papa & Grandma T-sa or with PapaDad & Grams. Whenever we see the Pruitt's, they also get to spend time with their older cousins Gwen and Alex and Aunt Grace. Ethan has shown a new adoration with Alex. He just laughs and laughs everytime he sees Alex. And Gwen just brings such light and spunkiness to our family. It's always fun to catch up with Grace and all of her work drama and new books she's in to.
When we go to the Stuart's, here is a rundown of our Sunday evening:
1. Grams: effortlessly cooks up a great meal with some amazing dessert that includes fresh fruit of the season.
2. Papa Dad: we can never find "Captain Fun" when it's time for dinner because he has some great project or adventure lined up for us. And when we do find him, he's covered in dirt from head to toe (from feeding the horses or some such thing).
3. Jeff: laughs at his own jokes
4. Julie: always has a witty comeback to James' teasing
5. Hillary: is the light of her nephew's eyes, they are always so excited to see her.
6. Scott & Stacy: their budding romance is fun to watch! It's especially fun to watch Scott interact with little Kody and Jante.
7. James: just like his Dad, we can never find him because he's off doing something else somewhere. But once we do find him, he is quickly taking on the "Captain Fun" role, by taking the kids fishing or out on the four wheeler.
8. Allie: chasing the kids, trying to keep them out of trouble.
9. Aidan and Kody: running around, loving the outdoors.
10. Ethan: trying to keep up with the big kids.
11. Jante: wanting to be mobile enough to keep up with the big kids.
I love sitting on Dave & Melissa's back porch, watching the kids play while we converse next to the burning chiminea. We are so blessed to have our family so close. I'm glad that James' was accepted to a law school here at home so we don't have to move away from our extended family. I always wanted to live closer to my grandparents, so at this time that is possible for my kids. I cherish the times that we are able to spend with our family and am so grateful to know that we will be able to live with our families together forever. We'll have all of these great little moments--and then some--to look back on and to continue to have in the future.
It's not a perfect Sunday without Hondo's presence. She's our first baby. We were blessed with her back in '04 (she's now almost 5 yrs old). My boys love her so much. She loves to egg on the horses and, like any good cattle dog, she has NO interest in the cows whatsoever (that's our girl!), and most of all, likes to run around with her boy toy Logan (Scott's husky), who was once her "baby-daddy".

Ethan bonding with Jante (way to share, big guy!).
This kid is BRAVE. He fears nothing! When AJ was his age, he would cry when we'd bring him this close to the horses.
Bonding with Chaco.

Big man driving the big wheels!
Aidan is in LOVE with music. He sings in the car, plays the piano, and recently has really enjoyed strumming the guitar. Don't look too close, he's not wearing anything from the waist down (potty training and all).

Thanks for the great season, Blue Bombers!